You have not met a more passionate gent than planter Wayne Lee.  With offices in the Mondawmin Mall, and worship services at Frederick Douglas High School, Christian Liberty Church has seen over 100 come to Christ in just a few years.  That is understandable with the energy that Lee exudes.  From the moment we stepped out of the van, Lee and his team were busy hugging and greeting. In his own words, “If it ain’t about Jesus, we ain’t doing it!”  This church is truly making Jesus famous at ground zero where riots broke out two years ago.  Lee and his team have connected with troubled teens in juvenile detention centers and adults in the local prisons.  They are all about seeing lives changed by Jesus Christ.

As we met on a snow covered piece of property held by the city, Lee claimed it for the church in the name of the Lord Jesus.  With a price tag of $20,000.00 one might think this church would struggle raising funds.  Not a chance!  In fact they raised over half in worship services alone in just three weeks.  To know Wayne Lee and the amazing people of Christian Liberty Church is to know what true passion looks and feels like.  This property will be a hub of transformation in a broken community.  

I can’t wait to see what God does in years to come through Christian Liberty Church and planter Wayne Lee.  Don’t blink though, this church is on the move.  Check out these short video clips.  

Pray them up with us if you will.


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