Passion Much?

You have not met a more passionate gent than planter Wayne Lee.  With offices in the Mondawmin Mall, and worship services at Frederick Douglas High School, Christian Liberty Church has seen over 100 come to Christ in just a few years.  That is understandable with the energy that Lee exudes.  From the moment we stepped […]

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Worship Leader Plants Church 

A few weeks ago I had the honor of meeting church planter Steven Foster.  This musician and worship leader has an amazing heart for the Lord and for the people of Glen-Burnie, Md., an upscale suburb of Baltimore and the struggling neighborhood of Cherry Hill.   B3 Church strives to “be the difference” as they […]

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Redemption City Church

As we pulled out of the Walmart parking lot in Nashville, NC Wednesday afternoon, I had no idea the caliber of men I was honored to ride with.  Over the hours which passed like minutes I listened to Adam Muhtaseb share his heart, vision and personal story.  To hear this former Muslim dream about what God […]

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Restoration Church

  Planter Anthony Petini of Restoration Church in Curtis Bay, MD is THE man!  Talk about living out the image of Christ in a broken and lost community.  We had the pleasure of meeting with Anthony in the facility where they hold weekly worship – The Well.  Curtis Bay rests just outside the reach of Maryland proper.  The […]

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Church of the Harbor

As we passed row house after row house on our way into Dundalk, MD Thursday morning, I was taken to memories my bride shared with me of her childhood in this very area. Some blocks we passed are still neat and well kept, many show signs of neglect and years of obvious challenges. The snow […]

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A faint Memory of what once was

I had the pleasure of spending the past couple of days traveling to a city we all know, but few truly understand.  My bride cut her teeth, literally, in the Dundalk – Essex area of Baltimore, Maryland.  However, the Maryland her family left in the late 70’s is a faint memory.  The city is clearly […]

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The Bus

Sunday evening we had the honor of teaching in the home of pastor Alec (Oleg) a Russian with great passion for the people of his village. He shared with me that of the 100 homes in his town, 75 or 80 people are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This breaks his heart.  During the summer they had a […]

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$8.00 a day!

I have been processing my thoughts and boy have they had my head spinning. From the very start, we have seen God’s hand at work and have simply had to stand back and watch with wonder. We hit the airport prepared to pay as much as $100.00 each for all of the extra bags we […]

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Best. Easter. Ever.

Twenty years ago Kim and I celebrated our first Easter together. I was stoked – mind ablaze with visions of what future Christmases and Easters would hold. You see, in my family Christmas and Easter were a big deal. I have great memories of Christmas tinsel, garland  and green plastic grass in baskets from a […]

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