Interesting turn of events yesterday.

I’ve called Time Warner and asked for customer retention several times over the past few years. I have always heard they would work hard to keep me as a customer. However, this time I tried a different approach. Since we were already riding a reduced rate – $125 package for expanded basic cable with digital tier and a moderate Internet package reduced to $103, I figured there wasn’t much more they would do to keep us. WRONG.

When I delivered my digital box to the store, I simply asked to drop everything except Internet. I figured I would call later to work on getting that price down.

Much to my surprise, yesterday am a super eager gentleman was at my door. Eager not just to please, but to retain a customer! We now have the exact same $125 service yet with an even faster Internet connection for $56.45. Even that locked in for two years with no contract!

I asked how friends who are considering dropping Time Warner might receive the same? He recommended calling in to order a 48 hour disconnect. His advice, “don’t speak with customer retention on the phone, they can only take $10-15 off. I can cut your rate in half! Say 48 hour Disconnect!” He assured me, that they are desperate right now to retain their customer base. Someone from his office WILL pay a personal visit before your disconnect appointment.

Take it for what you will. I did and i have the same cable package with internet for less than my internet would have cost by it self! And I’m keeping my AppleTv with Netflix and Hulu. Tons of movies for $7.99 a month. No more Redbox for me. 🙂

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