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  1. Hey Jmac, wow that is great savings, please tell me more about the iPhone savings, where do i go on the internet to find this. I know about HuluPlus from Brandon and Krissy, they went that way to save also, we are on a tight budget and saving on the iPhone would rock..:) I have been couponing at HT for several months now and got it down to a science, our grocery bill went from $600.00 a month to maybe $200.00, alot of free stuff at the stores and in the mail, my sons laugh and say Mom has the forrest in the hall closet ( TT and paper towels) lol..it gives me a chance to help others who need help in this area, I thank Him for this oppertunity to do so and give Him all the Glory for it. Thks for your commitment to our King and His Kingdom, we are to be frugal with what He has Blessed us with so we can help others in His Name..xoxo

    1. Hey Deb,

      The first question is service provider. This works great with gsm phones – AT&T in particular.

      You’ll need to go through the process of “jailbreaking/unlocking” first. I used redSn0w. Not too difficult and legal. After all, you own your phone. It’s your personal property.

      Second step. Need to purchase a refurbed Nokia E-71 through straight talk. Should run $99. Once you have that phone activated, cut the straight talk sim down to micro sim size. I bought a 99cent cutter from eBay. Drop the sim in your unlocked iPhone and voila, it no longer says AT&T, but HOME. There are a few more steps for setting up the data, but still very doable.

      I would have a hard time going back to a contract. If you decide to do it and get nervous, I’ll be happy to get with you to walk through the process. Takes about 2 hours. 🙂

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