A friend of mine snapped this Sailfish pic last summer about 10 miles out of Carolina Beach. I’d have never believed it, but I saw it with my own eyes on my boat. That’s actually Carolina beach on the horizon in the shot!

God is so good! Have you ever had a day that made you just want to shout and run around the house? Well, I’m too tired to right now, but I am on the inside. . . 🙂

God has blessed Kim and me with so many great “things” over the years. Some of those things are helping pay the bills right now! Sold one “thing” before 8:30 this morning. An hour ago a gent looked at another “thing” we have for sale. As a matter of fact, I just hung up the phone from talking with a third fellow about yet another “thing” we have for sale. Kind of cool to see how God blesses us and then continues to bless and provide for us in times of great need.

You know what, they’re just “things”. Hebrews 12 tells us to throw off what hinders us so that we can run the race to which we’ve been called. What do you need to get rid of to allow ministry to actually happen? I’ve had friends in the past put salaries and “things” before ministry. I think if we put ministry first, the “things” will come. You know the proverbial “they” make new “things” everyday. Rather have the “things”, or the eternal? I’m shooting for the eternal. I double dog dare ya to step out and live on faith a bit.

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