Tonight marks the end of the beginning. We set out in the fall of last year planning a new venture. In January we stepped out in faith (with not much more than the shirts on our backs) with a plan for a new Church to reach our community – River of Leland. Can’t tell you how many detours we’ve encountered, but through faith God is moving in amazing ways.

Tonight we held our final preview worship service. In June we begin weekly morning services. Our launch is still on the Horizon, but we’re gaining ground. In case you missed this monumental day in the life of River, here’s the play by play. . .

We paid for tons of people to bowl from 2 – 5 p.m.
(They had NO idea we were doing it until they got there!)

It was a long day. . . we got to the Alley at 1 (some at
noon) and left at 8:30. . .

An overcast afternoon made for much better lighting. . .
the pipe and drape helped too!

This was our last service with Rick McMahon riding the
Bass! Gonna miss that guy! He’ll be rocking with
St. Andrews on Market St. every Sunday morning.
Check’em out sometime! Love ya bro.

It’s been amazing to have Derek Raines leading
worship with us over the past few months. He’ll
be rocking with Southside in the months to come. Don’t miss he and Sound of Stone at 180 on Wednesday nights. . . they are amazing! You are the Man!

My long time friend and brother Darious Crawford has
laid some unreal brass licks for us. Tonight
was no different. He and the Southside band are
awesome! Thanks for helping out my friend.
Love ya.

Travis shared the message with me tonight! He
brought it! So proud of ya bro! We talked about

The Bridge was closed on the way home. . . Detoured
around to the Isabella Holmes Bridge. Fitting end
to the day.

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