I had a chance to talk about brokenness last night at River. We spent a bit of time talking about the many broken people whom God chose to use throughout the Bible. Trumpet player that I am, I love the fact that God chose to use Gideon, an average – everyday farmer.

Judges 7 records an amazing victory not won by might, but through obedience and brokenness. If you’ve never read the account, 20,000 of Gideon’s men fled out of fear leading up to this battle with the Midianites. Left with 10,000, God told him there were still too many! He whittled the number down to 300 and told them to follow his lead. When the men were in place outside the Midianite camp, Gideon’s army broke the clay jars which hid their torches and blew trumpets at the same time. In a state of utter confusion and fear the Midianites turned on themselves and killed one another!

The battle was won without a drop of blood from Gideon’s army of 300! Need some of that kind of action in your life today? Me too. Thing is, we have to be willing to be led by God. Might just mean something in our lives needs to be broken in order to be used by Him!

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