Surround yourself with good people, solid people and you won’t go wrong! I’ve always heard that sentiment. I’m sure you have too. I’m living it right now.

So thrilled to have amazing people around me! Not just good people, but men and women who absolutely love the Lord and want to see His kingdom furthered here on earth. How cool is it that God is allowing us to do life with a group of people who live everyday ready to do what ever it takes?

It is 1 a.m. and I’ve just walked in the door from one of the most amazing and insane days of my life. The cool thing is, I’ll bet the seven who piled in the Excursion with me would do it all over again right now if we needed to. We hit the road at 2:40 a.m. bound for Anderson, South Carolina. Most sane people drove the almost five hours last night and rested their heads in a cozy hotel room. Yup! We could have done the same thing, but I’d rather see us spend the little bit of money God has trusted us with right now on ministry. So, we drove down and back in the same, insane day! Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Why would we do such a thing? We hit Unleash2010 at Newspring Church. Well worth the time and effort. Yes the conference was great. The music was over the top bordering phenomenal. The sound and lighting was simply inspiring. The break out sessions were enlightening. And, the group sessions were crazy good. But, it was the time with these guys which was most amazing. I usually prefer to keep the wheel firmly tucked underneath my fingers. . . I love a road trip! Yesterday however, I had the fortune of stumbling onto my first Cold of the season. So, the other guys stepped right up and knocked her out of the park! Being parked smack dab in the middle of the truck allowed me a unique position to sit like a proud papa listening to the conversations bubbling from one end of the truck to the other. You simply can’t pay for that kind of bonding! Probably the most inspiring time was when the entire team prayed over Travis and me. So humbling. So challenging!

River of Leland Exists to Live, Serve, Broadcast. . . Jesus! These guys are ready to do just that! Even better, we’ll do it as a team.

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