As you most likely know, Kim and I recently walked away from a full-time Salary with a church family we dearly love in exchange for a life of uncertainty and adventure. So many wide eyes met us in response. Seems no one in their right mind would do such a thing. Who leaves an established church to plant a new one?

Well, we’ve made it to month three. God has been super good! I actually just ate two hot pockets for breakfast. . . thought I’d splurge a bit. We are certain God has this covered. Recently we came to the realization that we won’t be in a position to receive a “full-time” salary for this “full-time” commitment for as much as a year! Even in light of that knowledge, God has been faithful. I have a letter beside me from a certain Uncle in Washington who, believe it or not, found a rather large mistake in my tax return. While my heart hit the floor at first sight, seems the news was actually good.

May I just say, God is faithful. Creative and faithful. I may never fully know each way He has provided, but I know He is blazing the trail before me. We are just walking by faith. Can’t say we haven’t had “those” discussions, but the commitment remains. I have found that trusting God for good even in the bad is what gets me to the next level. I had a chance to speak to our new church family a couple of weeks ago. In that discussion I mentioned Overflow. Well, that’s where I want to hang out. In a constant state of overflow. It is my sincere hope that as God pours into my life, there will be such an abundance of His grace and mercy that people on every side of me might be drawn in.

So, bring on the creativity God! In fact, those three canoes I just bought at auction, let ‘em sell! We’re on the edge of our seats in anticipation for Your next manna to fall!

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