Wow what a night! In case you didn’t make it to River tonight, here’s the low down.
*Crosswinds Church blew our socks off! They showed up in force to help us set up and even stayed until the last piece was back on the trailer! Talk about hearts of Servants
*The band played well.
*Jp Fesperman led worship! He did a great job of ushering us into God’s presence.
*We really like the new Audio Cart and Speaker Dollies! Big shout out to Trey Lewis, Terry Lieske, and Don Walls! Shaved at least 30 minutes off of set up and tear down.
*Our Visual Support Team Rocks thanks to Amber Currin and Neil Stewart!
*Christie Smith continues to wrangle kiddos like a pro.
*Thunder Alley has new games! Bowling and Golf. Gotta check those out.
*The Message tonight was on Service – Get it? Live, SERVE, Broadcast. . . Jesus! John Taught. Travis Prayed and directed the entire affair. They did alright.
*We handed out sweet Post Cards with our last two Preview Worship dates – April 18 and May 23. They’re pretty shiny.
*Everybody got washcloths. Had to be there for that.

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