What a cool day at River! Today marks week two of regular services for River of Leland. Here’s the skinny on what went down. . .

Set up flowed without a hitch. We were sound checking by 9:40!

Guest musicians Walton Lee, Paul Hatch and his bro Sam joined us today. Paul and Sam actually live in Magnolia Greens! Very cool!

There were almost more folks visiting for the first time than regulars! How cool is that!? T-shirts were a hit! The free bowling passes were too!

Travis and Amber were back. That was awesome. Missed ‘em last week.

We started with appetizers. Travis and Sam had a chance to try a favorite snack from my childhood – Mayonnaise and Grape Jelly sandwiches! It may have scarred them for life. Just had a couple myself. . . yum.

We talked about being scarred for life. I am, how about you?

Two more messages in our “That’s Gonna Leave a Mark” series and I’m already getting stoked for next month – “Duct Tape!” Get your mind around that. . .

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