We officially started weekly Sunday Services this morning!

The Band Played great!

Big thanks to Tom Parret for Rockin’ the Bass with us today!

Emily Teachey sang with Heather. That was way cool!

We survived without Travis and Amber, but barely (:
They are away for Amber’s Grandmother’s Funeral.

Carolyn Walls Cooked an amazing Breakfast for the crew –
The casserole. . . man that was good!

We used new Black Drape for the first time. It’s great.

River Kids broke in some cool new gear and Kidmo

We kicked off our new Series, That’s Gonna Leave a Mark.
The message – What Was He Thinking?
We talked about “Tank Man” from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, Daniel, Jesus and the Apostles. Did you know that all but 1 of the original 12 were martyred for their faith? Even he was boiled alive. . . and survived unharmed!

Are you leaving a mark, or a scratch? Time to get serious about this faith of ours!

Same time and place next Sunday a.m. at Thunder Alley,
Magnolia Greens!

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