T minus 2 months and counting. . .

May I start by telling you how pumped I am about River?  Almost a year ago Kim and I sensed God nudging us to move in a new direction.  We knew we were supposed to plant a church!  Over the coming weeks, Jp Fesperman expressed a similar desire, Travis and Amber as well.  From this was born a new work we affectionately call River.  

We are a part of something new, exciting and humbling.  It is so incredible to see people taking ownership of what God has put in motion.  Travis, Jp and I moved into June with many expectations and concerns as we began weekly services.  May I just say we have been blown away by the response!

This Sunday we kick off a series which points us toward Launch! We can’t wait to love on Leland. So, let the count down begin! September 19 is on the horizon. . . Leland, here we come!

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