Saturday morning, Day 6. We saw War Horse yesterday. Kind of funny. I loved it. Kim left mad at it. We had a little kiddo in our lives for a few years who would always say she was, “maayad”. For some reason i could just hear Kim balling her fists up and telling the world how “maayad” she was. Maybe it was the movie or perhaps the fact that she couldn’t have her “chocolate pills”. Whatever the cause, she wasn’t thrilled as we left the theater.

We walked into FoodLion on the way home and marveled over the succulent goodies neither could have. We dreamed of day 22. A day we’ll order pizza, cook a steak, and eat seafood. Basically a Feast of our favorite foods. In actuality, we’ll probably just hit PT’s after church, but that’ll do just fine!

What is it you’re craving? What do you miss most when you can’t have it? I’ll bet God feels the same way about his relationship with us. We spend so much time chasing and pursuing everything but Him, then we toss him our left-overs. He’s asking for everything. You and I settle for what amounts to adding jelly to that peanut butter sandwich. :/

2 thoughts on “JUST ADD JELLY

  1. I wasn’t mad. It just let some characters die that I liked. I’m not a big war movie buff, John is, so I saw it. It was a downer-Beautifully filmed. So there you go 🙂

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