Let’s be honest, there’s not much like a juicy steak or a thick hamburger topped with lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and mayonnaise!

As we finished taking down a wheelchair ramp last night, someone in the neighborhood had a grill fired up. Wow! That smell…yup. Nothing like it! So I spent today pondering what might take the place.

Travis and I had the honor of attending a luncheon for local pastors hosted by Crosswinds Church. If I’m honest, I have to share that I was really hoping they didn’t know we were fasting. I’d already told Kim on my way out the door this morning that to be polite, I would eat anything they had for us. – God would understand. :). FORTUNATELY, (sigh, deep breath in and out) Chris Vernon – pastor – shot me a message just before to assure me they had us covered. So, we tore into some awesome salad and fruit while everyone else dug into some huge, tasty subs with meat piled high!

Needless to say, my mind wandered back to the smell of that grill last night and I spent 30 minutes after school wandering through Wallyworld in search of veggie burger ingredients.

When I made it home, Kim had already started the process. She had a recipe for what we were convinced would be a succulent, HNL experience! Turns out we basically had the biggest, fattest Black Bean Burritos of all time. Mush burgers we’ve now affectionately tagged them. (and we’re living in the aftermath) In fact, we were so convinced of their certain fame that we made several extras…all of which now rest on the counter. We WON’T waist them. But which one of us has the greatest sense of duty and commitment is yet to be determined.

Is a veggie burger a substitute for the real deal? Not a chance. Will a slice of Tofu take the place of a tender slice of chicken. Nope! But isn’t that just the point? We substitute so many things for Christ in our lives. The sense of loss, void, hunger Kim and I chuckle through right now reminds us of the ONE who truly meets our needs.

Keep looking to Him! (And hey, Pray for me. My wife hasn’t had coffee or chocolate pills since Sunday. This is scary!)

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