I sit here actually watching a movie tonight. . . well it’s playing in the background. My mind is in about a hundred places all at once. Several things are in the fore front of my mind. First, I want God to be honored in all that I do. Second, I have amazing friends and people who have put their faith and trust in me. Third, I don’t want to let them down!

You see, I stepped out in faith some time back and into a brand new frontier. I can’t say how much I appreciate dear friends pouring into me and challenging me to hear the call. In fact, without the involvement of certain friends like Joe Carr, Paul Tyndall, Jp Fesperman, Travis Currin, Don Walls, Trey Lewis, my bride, and even my mom, I would without a doubt not be in the position I am today. I stand on the precipice of what is certain to be the most amazing journey of my life yet I can’t help but think of the growing pains I’m already beginning to experience. I know we’ve hardly pulled out of the driveway, but I find myself looking back thinking about other turns I might have made.

Without a doubt I’m pointed the right direction. GPS is set and we’re on course, but I feel like we’ve chosen the most use of freeway’s option and I’m wanting to take the scenic route. Ever wondered if things might have been different? I have. The amazing thing about life and the way God allows us to live is that our choices actually help to make us who we are.

My life is on a collision course with something amazing. I know those around me sense something is up and I’m just stunned that God is allowing me to be anywhere near the right place at the right time. I have no idea exactly where we’ll end up when we look back in a little bit, but at this point I’m so thankful for the crowd God has inspired to take the bus with me.

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