Since we announced the decision to plant River of Leland, I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with well wishers and skeptics alike. The common theme – “Why Now?!?” The answer is really quite simple! God said, “Go”. So we are.

Couldn’t we have been more strategic in our timing? Shouldn’t we have waited until the economy was stronger? “Don’t you know how foolish it is to walk away from a secure job?” “If you had waited a year, I would be able to help financially.” “What about us?” “What about the people you leave behind?” “Aren’t you thinking at all about the timing and how it affects us?” All great questions I’ve been hit with
over the past 6 months. My answer to all – God said, “Go” – We are!

Mark 5:11, “So they pulled their boats to shore, left everything and followed Him.” Matthew 4:22, “immediately they left their boat and their family and followed Him.” Kind of sounds like things were left to rot on the shore. Actually, they weren’t. Everything was left in very capable hands! Their Father’s fishing business would continue in the hands of Servants and hired help. The passage goes on to share this fact. Well, that’s just where we are. Many of us with River of Leland have been part of some amazing ministries in the Wilmington area. We leave those jobs and tasks in the hands of very skilled and capable friends and family! Actually, I’ll bet they all bring a fresh new approach to their areas of ministry which wouldn’t have happened had we not stepped aside.

The people of God who followed Moses into the wilderness knew that one day he would die. They spent years just across the river from their promised land under his leadership. But, when he stepped into heaven, God told Joshua, to cross the river and take the land promised to Moses for the Israelites. I don’t find where Joshua took additional years to prepare for this crossing. Actually, he sent out a decree commanding a three day count down. I also find it pretty interesting that many chose to stay in the land where they had camped for years. The warriors were commanded to cross with Joshua, but were allowed the freedom to return upon completion of the mission.

Such an amazing task has been set before River of Leland. A charge unlike any I’ve been given. God said, “Go!” We are. No, we didn’t wait for better times. The warriors are ready for battle. Great leaders have prepared them. It is now our honor to rally the ranks and charge the gates! Joe Carr pointed out an interesting fact earlier this year. Gates are not offensive weapons. Rather, just the opposite! The gates of Hell will not prevail against God’s people because they have no power over us!

River of Leland is a church which actively seeks to Live for God in everyday life.  A church which seeks to Serve God with all that we have.  A church ready to charge the gates of Hell as we Broadcast Him from the mountain tops.  Everything we do is to Bring Glory and Honor to Jesus.

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