Ma’ma! Ma’ma!

The highlight of my week was a visit we made yesterday with Sarah and Anna of Anchor of Hope Romania. Their usual day to serve at this orphanage is Saturday, but thankfully for us there were supplies to be delivered. This building houses other child services in addition to young children – even more babies! […]

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Second leg begins now

We have just seen the other 20 North Carolinians off at the airport. Now, begins the second leg of our trip. Jim, Bill and I will be taking Sergei and his bride Connie to lunch then we’re off to the train station. Sergei manages the IMB mission house and his bride manages an orphan ministry […]

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Onaci – North District

We’ve been traveling north since 10 this morning on some of the roughest roads yet. It’s now 2 in the afternoon and our driver just told us we have 29 kilometers to our destination of Onaci in the Northern District. Since leaving Chisinau, we have passed through Belti Region, where we spent yesterday, and passed […]

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Balti Region

We’ve spent today in the Balti (Baltzi) Region just north of Chisinau. What a stark contrast to yesterday. The Balti Region has six counties with 416 villages. 294 of those have no local evangelical presence and there are only 54 pastors serving the entire region. After driving about two hours north from the hotel, we […]

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Moldova / Romania Bound

I began a new journey this morning and now sit in the Atlanta airport awaiting our connecting flight. Mr. Jim Jackson and I will be joining a group of 20+ from all over North Carolina including Wilmington and Leland churches as we look for God to move in amazing ways in Moldova. I’ll blog my […]

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Kim, Ethan, Emily and I had the honor of attending a planning session yesterday evening. Not quite what I envisioned, but man let me tell ya. It was cool to see such a diverse group of people from all over Brunswick County come together for one purpose – to see teens of this county reached […]

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