Moldova-Romania Mission Update

We have had a fantastic mission and fact finding trip to Eastern Europe. Thursday afternoon of last week Mike and I arrived in Chisinau, Moldova and headed directly for the hotel to recoup from the travel over. Ghena picked us up at 11:30 a.m. Friday and we started our journey North to Larga picking up […]

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New year, new chance to live

As I sit in the cold waiting area of a favorite tire store run by an Hispanic family of believers, I am reminded of second chances and fresh starts. This morning as we celebrated 23 years of marriage Kim and I had the honor of reading a lengthy letter by a friend asking those who […]

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As I sit at the table eating a ham sandwich, I am reminded again of the many blessings which surround me. From the sound of two Littles playing in the yard to the Labrador begging at my heel, I am truly a blessed man. My bride is toiling away in the kitchen,  folding laundry (it […]

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Pretty Awesome Three Months

In case you’ve been on Mars for the past three months, life has been a bit of a whirlwind for River Church and the McIntyre family. In February River signed her very first lease on a gracious space in the Leland Industrial Park. From that point things started moving quickly forward and then the totally […]

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Yesterday was Valentines’ Day. I had a romantic evening planned too. We were going to drop the kiddos off at a play center then have a nice, relaxed dinner to celebrate 22 Valentines’ days together. About 10:30 a.m. the plan started to change. Kim called while I was working at a coffee shop to ask […]

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How Surreal

My morning is almost surreal as I sit amidst a crowd of people on laptops, smart phones, tablets and bubbling conversations.  The cars are wrapped around the building waiting for long awaited Starbucks nectar.  Cars are racing by headed to work, play, and who knows what else.  I see at least three friends of mine […]

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