The Bus

Sunday evening we had the honor of teaching in the home of pastor Alec (Oleg) a Russian with great passion for the people of his village. He shared with me that of the 100 homes in his town, 75 or 80 people are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This breaks his heart.  During the summer they had a […]

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I Listen More

Have you found yourself at a point where you lean back and realize, “I talk too much”? That’s kind of where I am in life and ministry right now. Don’t get me wrong, my mind and heart are still ablaze with thoughts, opinions, dreams and visions, but I am finding a deeper desire to simply […]

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Straight Talk for me again

About a year and a half ago I shared how we took our iPhone 4’s to StraightTalk while knocking $100 a month off of our bill for the exact same service. In fact, Straight talk only used AT&T for GSM phones at the time. That move saved us about $1400 last year and yet we […]

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Hard to Focus?

I’m learning much about life from our toddlers. Who would have thought that two and three year olds would be such amazing real life examples? Kim is taking a little time off from mommie duty this am, so I’m watching the munchkins. I’ve always known that silence isn’t always good. This morning proved to be […]

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2012 Was a Great Year

As we leave 2012 in the rear view mirror, I’d like to share a few highlights from a great year serving with you River. Live, Serve, Broadcast Jesus! In January, we launched RiverStreamLive. Our first year has been a great success. In 2013 we will take River to rural communities surrounding Leland. God led us to buy […]

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When backwards means forward

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it takes to move forward. Not just as pastor of a young church still searching for footing, but also as a man, husband and brand new dad (albeit foster dad). What does it even mean to move forward? Webster lists a crowd of synonyms for the word […]

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We are less than 3 weeks away from two of the biggest steps of faith ever in the life of River of Leland. Should all go well, we close on the future 12.5 acre home of River March 19! We still have some HUGE hurdles to cross as we prepare for that day. As if […]

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February and March are tough months in our home. Especially leap years. You see 16 years ago on the 29th of February, our first kiddo was born. Mattie Grace would be begging for her license this week! Imagine that!? Just a few years later, our little guy, Noah Dylan was born. They’d both be teens […]