As we passed row house after row house on our way into Dundalk, MD Thursday morning, I was taken to memories my bride shared with me of her childhood in this very area. Some blocks we passed are still neat and well kept, many show signs of neglect and years of obvious challenges.

The snow from the mid March surprise winter storm still blanketed most of the park and street curbs. We parked and made our way around the local YMCA, home to weekly worship and many outreach opportunities offered by The Church of the Harbor. As we cleared the corner were greeted by a hip, bearded bundle of passion – Planter Wes Gresham. Wes is one of four bi-vocational team pastors planting this young church. Wes, a grad student at Liberty University, builds custom guitar amps to support his family.

Launched initially in 2014, this discipleship movement is about 60 strong, all of whom are brand new to their walk with Jesus. They meet together in Circle Groups each week for discipleship and on Sunday for worship. Connecting with the community means meeting people where they are as they walk out the mantra, “Truth.  Love. Jesus.”
They dream of the day they will one day be able to secure their own property within walking distance of the park, but they are pumped to know that come April 1 they will move to weekly meetings at Dundalk Baptist Church just a couple of blocks away.

This team of planters has a passion for reaching the city. In fact, they see Harbor as a training and sending church.  Wes will plant a sister church just down the road in Essex in about a year.   Will you join me as we pray for the awesome work God is doing through this vision for Dundalk, MD?

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