I had the pleasure of spending the past couple of days traveling to a city we all know, but few truly understand.  My bride cut her teeth, literally, in the Dundalk – Essex area of Baltimore, Maryland.  However, the Maryland her family left in the late 70’s is a faint memory.  The city is clearly broken and hurting.  The locals feel overlooked at best and completely forgotten at worst.

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) has identified the Greater Baltimore area as one of the areas of greatest need in North America.  It is estimated that nine of ten people have never clearly heard, much less seen, the truth that God loves them unconditionally and that He truly cares for them.  While the economic and relational needs are nearly endless, there are men and women who have heard the cries for help and are laying their lives, careers and families on the line to help.  The passion I’ve personally heard from these folks for their community is inspiring.  In fact, their passion is infectious.  In the following posts I hope to share a snapshot of each church plant, planter and the vision shared over our short time together.

Will you join me in praying with these men for their areas of ministry?  We want to lift up their financial needs, both personal and ministry related, as well as the tender yet critical relationships each planter is developing in the community.  May many lives be restored and forever changed by the love, grace and mercy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  



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