As I sit in the cold waiting area of a favorite tire store run by an Hispanic family of believers, I am reminded of second chances and fresh starts.

This morning as we celebrated 23 years of marriage Kim and I had the honor of reading a lengthy letter by a friend asking those who know and love their family to join them in prayer as they step into 2016 with many great needs. There is simply nothing about tomorrow which is promised to us other than the fact that God and His love will never fail us. Many of us have experienced less than ideal years in recent past. Kim and I have certainly experienced the same. But, as I sit in this store surrounded by used tires I can’t help but think of how God uses us over and over for His good, His plan and purpose, not ours.

You see I’m just here for a quick rotation, but there is a line outside hoping to find the right set of tires to carry them a little farther down the road. Good tires with road experience, just not as expensive as a brand new set.  There is a lot we can learn from an old set of tires. A new set looks pretty shiny and cool, but as soon as you roll out of the shop with them they are, well, used. That worn suspension on the vehicle is going to take its toll on them.

You and I have an opportunity today to start fresh. This shiny new year lies before us, but the experiences of yesterday make us who we are. Oh yes, the suspension is worn and is sure to have an effect on how the new year breaks in, but without the experiences of yesterday tomorrow’s opportunities wouldn’t seem nearly as rewarding.

Don’t miss a single moment God has placed before you. Every breath, every giggle, every snuggle,  every “I love you” is a gift. A wise man once said, “wherever you are, be all there.”
Embrace the struggles and celebrate the victories. The journey before you is no surprise to God. True release comes when we realize that no matter the pain, no matter the joy, God goes before us. The victory is already His through Jesus Christ. You don’t have to fight, your call is to live.

John 10:10 reminds us that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus gives life, abundant life. Follow me this year as I live in that promise.

I heard a person say the other day that everyone dies, but not many truly live.  Trust God with your life today. I dare ya.

Happy New Year!

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