My morning is almost surreal as I sit amidst a crowd of people on laptops, smart phones, tablets and bubbling conversations.  The cars are wrapped around the building waiting for long awaited Starbucks nectar.  Cars are racing by headed to work, play, and who knows what else.  I see at least three friends of mine deeply engaged in conversations about church and life in the faith.  Others are reading, highlighting, writing and working away.

The fire blazing away in the middle of this patio seating area reminds me just how we Americans take little things for granted.  Last week, my Moldovan friends lit a “small” fire for Robbie, Oleg and me just two of the five nights we were blessed to stay with them.  Heat, something we don’t think twice about, they hold dear – precious wood burned for us will no doubt be missed when the snow begins to fall.

Robbie and I spent our very first full day in Larga doing nothing more than lounging in the house all day.  Sabbath we were told.  Therefore we, the guests were to rest.  We sipped hot tea and instant coffee all day.  Maybe this time I have seated outside at Starbucks will count toward my downtime this week.  Honestly, it doesn’t hold a candle to just lounging around appreciating the small things and pondering all God has done for me.



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