One year ago as I boarded the plane for Moldova, my mind was clouded and full of questions all at one time.  That trip marked what I would consider the absolute lowest point in my ministry.  Suffice it to say, that is saying A LOT. 

River was experiencing negative growth, close friends I never thought I would be without were walking away -all for no apparent reason. At the time I was on a plane headed some 7000 miles away to learn from pastors working hard in what is almost a third world country. 

I will never forget the book I read twice on that trip. Church Planting Landmines, by Tom Nebel & Gary Rohrmayer. As I flipped from page to page I sunk in my chair thinking they had used our mistakes as case studies. I have never taken as many notes as I did reading through this book. Never been more challenged to see things change either.  I was determined to absorb all God had for me in Moldova as I embarked on what would be a new chapter for River of Leland. 

What a difference a year makes. There is so much more I need to say, but I will save those experiences and lessons for another media. What I will say is how awesome and faithful our God is.  I prayed continually on that trip – prayed for wisdom, clarity of vision, strong and invested leaders, and passionate followers of Christ.  I prayed that God would redeem what appeared to be lost. 

Fast forward one year. As Robbie and I sat on the plane Moldova bound last week, I shuttered as he quoted nearly word for word one of the thoughts I gleened from Church Planting Landmines.   God has answered, healed  and blessed beyond belief.  I see River poised to reach our community for Christ with a passion she has never had. 

Are you at a low point in your life or ministry? Do you feel like throwing in the towel?  Don’t! I’ve been there. I know how you feel.  Love to talk with you about my experiences and share how I’ve seen God redeem and breathe new passion into my ministry, family and life. 

God sees you.  You’re not alone.

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