Sunday evening we had the honor of teaching in the home of pastor Alec (Oleg) a Russian with great passion for the people of his village. He shared with me that of the 100 homes in his town, 75 or 80 people are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This breaks his heart.  During the summer they had a chance to host a camp for teens and 30 attended!  There is a great need for kids to have opportunities to both share Christ and to be exposed to His love.

I wrote earlier of the way God impressed my heart to bless Alec with money. Afterward he told me he has no transportation which makes it very hard to find work to support his family and ministry.  Robbie and I asked Ghena last night how we might be able to help with his transportation needs.  That is when we learned that Alec does have a “bus” from the early 80’s, but that it really isn’t worth repairing.  He has spent about $3000 on it in the past year year and it needs work again now.  Why a bus? Because he needs a vehicle for ministry use as well as for his family. 

Ghena smiled and said, “Alec has been praying that God would provide one, but neither he nor I had any idea where it would come from since he has no money and can’t travel to find work with out one.” He went on to say how awesome it is to see God move and answer prayers.  Just the fact that we saw the need without anyone saying anything was miraculous to Ghena. 

I have continually been blown away by the many ways God has spoken to my heart while in Moldova.  This is just one of many examples.  Would you join me in praying that God provide the $5-10,000 needed to buy Alec a 15 passenger van?  The need is great but the money is in God’s hands. 

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