I have been processing my thoughts and boy have they had my head spinning. From the very start, we have seen God’s hand at work and have simply had to stand back and watch with wonder. We hit the airport prepared to pay as much as $100.00 each for all of the extra bags we were bringing for our Moldovan family. When the system not only allowed us two checked bags each for free, we were happy. When I learned that the acoustic guitar I was carrying would be my carryon FOR FREE, I just about got happy!

We have seen God at work over and over again, but tonight I was blown away. Sure do love being right where God would have me. Even better when I’m willing and open to what He would have me do, and I act on it.

For no apparent reason this evening, I sensed that I was supposed to bless Alec, one of the local pastors. Something about him just seemed to resonate with me since I met him yesterday. As Robbie and I caught him before walking out of the building where we had just worshipped, I said to him, “I am going to give you something in a moment.” We then walked outside. When he came out of the building, I gave him 200 Lei. Doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but I didn’t have a lot with me. He grabbed Robbie and me and said, “God puts all things together. He really knows what He is doing. When I got the call today that I was to be here tonight, I didn’t know how it would be possible. I knew I had to work in the field harvesting. So, when I saw my boss early this morning, I told him I would need to leave, but asked that I please receive pay for the full day. He told me he would, but that I would have to work extra hard to finish all of my field before I could leave. At 5:00 p.m. I did and he paid my my 87 Lei! What you have given me makes up for days I was sick when I could not work and did not receive pay. I did not know where the money would come from. God did.”

Let’s put Pastor Alec’s work,  pay and heart in perspective. The harvest season is at best 30 days long. He has no transportation, but has a huge heart for ministry and a desire to work extra hard to provide for his family and the church he is planting. If miraculously he finds transportation to be able to work all of the 30 days of harvest season, he will make 2610 Lei. The exchange rate is presently about 13 Lei to $1. In other words, he has the potential of making $200.00 in one month which will carry him the majority of the year!

Alec worked his rear end off today for a whopping $8.00 to be able to attend a youth rally with his children and the kids from church.  When is the last time you or I complained about salary and work conditions?

Alec has my heart right now! The guy has dedicated his life, family and home to the Lord’s work. They have even purchased land next to his house for a church building to be built!

God, give me a heart like Alec’s! There is no sacrifice too great for the work of God!

Alec is at the far right in red in this photo.  Would you join me in praying that God bless his socks off?


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