As we leave 2012 in the rear view mirror, I’d like to share a few highlights from a great year serving with you River. Live, Serve, Broadcast Jesus!

  • In January, we launched RiverStreamLive. Our first year has been a great success. In 2013 we will take River to rural communities surrounding Leland.
  • God led us to buy a great tract of land for the future ministry of River. 12+ acres in a prime location in the fastest growing area of Leland at a price only God could arrange!
  • We’ve seen almost 30 lives commit to follow Christ through River and our partnership with FCA at North Brunswick High School.
  • We have baptized 5 believers!
  • We ordained Travis Currin into Gospel ministry. In 2013, he and Amber will plant Move Church in the Charlotte area!
  • We built five wheel chair ramps. That translates into five homebound senior adults who now have mobility because of you!
  • We experimented with moving weekly worship to Lincoln Elementary. Through that move, we we’re able to launch a brand new and much needed BackPack ministry which sends food home on weekends and holidays for needy students.
  • We have blessed Lincoln staff twice, improved the property and developed deep relationships with families and those who make Lincoln the great school it is.
  • We developed an ongoing partnership with the Town of Leland Parks and Rec department. Together we hosted the best attended Easter Egg Hunt Leland has experienced to date. You gave away 300 hot dogs, water and a sea of blue balloons to over 400 children. This fall we partnered again to host games for Leland Founder’s Day. You painted about 400 faces and gave away as many balloons all with the Love of Christ while expecting nothing in return.
  • We celebrated our second birthday on the land under a huge tent!
  • We made our second trip to Moldova to establish the foundation for a three year partnership which we launch in 2013!
  • We have blessed families with rent paid, power bills brought current, Christmas gifts given and hearts impacted for Christ!
  • We have sent two great friends on to heaven – Mrs. Gertrude Johnson and a man with a heart as big as he was, Reginald Chaimberlin.
  • We have married two great couples – Bradley and Rachel Elkins and David and Traci Pridgen. (David and Traci we’re married under the tent at our birthday celebration!)

2012 was a great year. 2013 stands to be even more amazing.  As we wrap it up, would you consider sowing an end of the year gift into the future ministry of River?  You can do it right now through this link.  Takes about three minutes.  Of course you’re welcome to drop a check in the mail, but it must be dated no later than December 31.


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