I began a new journey this morning and now sit in the Atlanta airport awaiting our connecting flight. Mr. Jim Jackson and I will be joining a group of 20+ from all over North Carolina including Wilmington and Leland churches as we look for God to move in amazing ways in Moldova. I’ll blog my way through as best possible to keep you up to speed.

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be meeting with churches and church planters all over the tiny country of Moldova as well as spending a few days next week with Anchor of Hope in Romania. Here is what I know. God is already using local men and women of God to do amazing things in this region of Eastern Europe. The area has a strong Orthodox influence which still affects the progress of the Church. People are hungry for a fresh look at Christ. We want to make sure they find it.

Anchor of Hope Romania works directly with abandoned babies – trying to plug those children into foster homes rather than the state run institutions for which most are destined. The second and equally crucial arm of the ministry focuses on teens and teen moms, most 14-16 who have themselves been in the foster or orphan program. These teens are drawn into prostitution and sex trafficking at very young ages. Anchor of Hope spends time sharing the love of Christ with these young ladies on a daily basis.

Would you be praying with me as we seek God’s plan for River of Leland and Wilmington/Leland area churches in Moldova as well as Romania.

Can’t wait to share more. Next stop, Munich, Germany.

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