We are less than 3 weeks away from two of the biggest steps of faith ever in the life of River of Leland. Should all go well, we close on the future 12.5 acre home of River March 19! We still have some HUGE hurdles to cross as we prepare for that day. As if that weren’t enough, we move to our new temporary home – Lincoln Elementary School April 1, with our launch there on Easter Sunday.

I can count more reasons NOT to take either step than I really want to acknowledge. But, I see in faith why God is calling us to take both! Nothing worth doing is ever easy. I know this for certain, NOT doing what God has called us to do is NOT an option.

Growing up on the farm, we loaded a lot of live stock onto trailers. Most often a given steer was headed to a much better situation, but he really had no clue. Until we opened the gate, all he saw were obstacles. I always loved watching a young steer come bounding off of that old live stock trailer! Earlier in the day he had traded a place of comfort – likely the only home he had ever known – for a cramped trailer surrounded by barriers. As he left that cramped space behind he leaped off the trailer into freedom! More times than not, he would run from one end of the lot to another checking out his new space and identifying his new borders.

That’s just where River of Leland is right now! We are leaving the only place we’ve ever known, a place we have called home for almost two years! As we go, we find ourselves literally crammed in a little 16′ enclosed trailer wondering where all the stuff will go.

In just a few weeks we’ll come charging out of the gate to test our new borders in downtown Leland. We have faith that as God moves us from one pasture to another, He is expanding our freedom – increasing our borders! It’s a faith walk, let me tell ya!

Would you consider lifting up the River team as we step out in faith in both endeavors?

Three major dates to pray over:

March 19 – Land closing. We are believing that God has the money to pay for this land. We don’t want to finance it any longer than necessary. We are committed to being PEOPLE focused with our budget, not on making land/building payments.

April 1 – Initial move to Lincoln Elementary School. Pray that needs be met for equipment and gear to make this huge space feel like home to all of the new families we are called to reach.

April 8 – Easter – Launch Day. Pray that God use River in amazing ways to reach hearts all over Leland, especially in the often overlooked areas downtown.

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