When we kicked off our fast three weeks ago with the Thrive series, I knew we were seeking clarity. Clarity of vision. Clarity of purpose. I wanted my family to Thrive. Thrive in our relationship with Christ, thrive in our marriage. As a church we were seeking clear direction, unity in direction and objective. We committed to pray for families to thrive!

We’re seeing positive movement on all fronts. I’ve never felt more committed to my calling as a pastor, church planter or husband. I’ve never been more convinced that River of Leland has a specific purpose. A unique niche in Brunswick County!

This weekend we launch RiverStreamLive, our first step in fulfilling the calling to plant churches. I can’t express how cool it is to know that anyone the world over will be able to worship with us in real time week after week. More importantly, people in the very areas God will use River of Leland to plant new churches in years to come. Not just anywhere, but specific places where people need to learn that Jesus has an unconditional, everlasting love for them. Specific places where River will Live, Serve and Broadcast Jesus!

Oh, the coolest part? Turns out God answered questions we didn’t even know we’re on the table! We have more clarity right now than I even thought possible! Can’t wait to see all that 2012 has in store. I’m thrilled to have a part in God’s plan – for my life and River. Why don’t you take the journey with us? See you Sunday at Thunder Alley or online at – 11 am.

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