Kim, Ethan, Emily and I had the honor of attending a planning session yesterday evening. Not quite what I envisioned, but man let me tell ya. It was cool to see such a diverse group of people from all over Brunswick County come together for one purpose – to see teens of this county reached for Christ.

I think the best comment of the evening came from a 70 plus year old gentleman who when speaking of disciplining his children’s children said, “I don’t care who’s child they are, If they need’s a whoopin’, I’ll whoop ’em!” That was said with him standing between a Superior Court Judge, a County Sherif and a County Commissioner! It was a belly roll moment!

The Judge made a passionate plea from the heart, essentially declaring how fed up he is seeing people lean on the court system to solve temporary problems with permanent solutions. The church has the answer, but we’re keeping it to ourselves! 110,000 people living in Brunswick County. Of those, more people attended each of the South Brunswick and West Brunswick Homecoming games than attend an evangelical, protestant church week after week in the county. There is a great need for the people of God to work together in a united effort – as ONE CHURCH – to reach those far from God. WOW! A judge made that comment!

It was an honor to be invited. Not what I envisioned. We thought we were headed to a planning session for a Youth Concert. God had greater plans.


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