Life can be a whirlwind! If you’ve followed my Ramblings over the past two years, you’ll know I’m no stranger to utter chaos. But you’ll also be keenly aware that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God shows Himself more clearly during times like these than in any other.

In the past year I’ve had friends in great need receive God sized blessings! I’ve prayed in unison with other great friends as they’ve watched loved ones suffer. I’ve begged God for financial answers to God sized problems for several families. I’ve seen a rag-tag group of dreamers set out to change the world starting with the tiny little town of Leland. Now I’m pleading with my mom for healing of an incessant wound on her leg at the same time Kim’s dad is struggling to turn his world back around on the heels of a pretty nasty stroke two weeks ago.

Seems I know the meaning of WOW! Wow, my friends are amazing. Wow, some of these problems and challenges are pretty darn frustrating. Wow, some of the illnesses my family and friends are dealing with just aren’t fair! Wow, God’s blessings are so undeserved. Wow, God’s hand is so obviously holding me right now in the midst of an amazing storm. Wow, God has one HUGE plan for my life and for the lives of those I’m blessed to serve with! Wow, I can’t wait to see where we are in a year’s time!

WOW!!!! God is Crazy Good! Get you some!

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