You may have had the chance to live this love story with me sometime before. If not, check it out. My Emerald love may well ride again soon.

TWIN TAURI 11/01/08
I’ve had some unique things happen to me, but the last two weeks have been extra special. Auctions are great places to find deals. Some better than others.

I had the opportunity to attend an auction for NHC Schools a few Saturdays ago. Those of you who know me, know neither of my vehicles are especially great on gas. So, when I saw this great little Ford Taurus on the block, I thought, “Awesome gas saver.” I decided after checking with Kim that I’d go for it if the bid stayed below a certain figure. About an hour later I was the proud owner of a White Ford Taurus. Never had one before, so I was kind of stoked!

I ran across town and withdrew enough to cover the cost, picked up a few parts I knew I would need, grabbed Kim and headed back to retrieve my awesome find! I knew I was in trouble when Kim’s first comment upon seeing the car was, “John, you didn’t!” Kind of deflated my balloon! Not so much as when it finally started though. After warming her up with about 10 minutes of attempts at starting, she fired off with a not so confident spit, sputter and splat, to which onlookers commented, “That didn’t sound good!” One of those “here’s your sign” moments. I put her in neutral and pushed back a bit only to find a nice puddle of crude on the ground below the block. The white cloud of smoke that filled the sky kind of masked this for me at first. Maybe that kept some of the crowd of witnesses from seeing everything that had just happened.

I was at that moment the proud owner of a 1999 Ford Taurus whose only real purpose in life would be to sit and look rather stately with her protective coating of slime and mildew cleverly disguising the almost pristine white paint job. Perhaps it was the cool passenger side brake pedal which attracted me. Maybe it was the missing hubcaps or the absent trim on the right rear quarter panel. I don’t know what drew me to this beauty, but she’s all mine now (Kim made this point very clear)!

Knowing I would need to acquire a few parts for her, I began the search for a twin. Remember, I’ve never owned one Taurus, much less two. One of Kim’s deepest dreams is to have something else to grace the back yard. Why not a beauty on blocks? So this knowledge firmly in my heart and ear, I proceeded to introduce Kim to the next member of the yard ornament fleet. This time a beautiful Green 1999 Ford Taurus. She is custom, by the way. The young man, Gabriel, who had been the proud driver of this beauty prior to her stealing my heart, is quite the artist. I imagine he did his best to match the paint as he used a can of spray and bondo to fill the new accents on the right front fender.

I’ve never been so drawn to a car by the description as I was this little girl. Gabriel, a young Sophomore at New Hanover, has this lazy, relaxed manner of speech which is sure to either intrigue or frustrate. As I proudly checked her out with my bride confidently at my side, Gabriel proceeded to remind me of the nice rims (this is really why I was after the car) and then assured me with that relaxed voice through a smile, “The transmission’s in the trunk!” Who could resist? I’d already noticed the strong yellow rope securely holding the engine up. To know that I had an opportunity to own the ONLY Ford Taurus in Wilmington with the transmission in the trunk certainly closed the deal for me.

I confidently returned this past week to retrieve my prize. Trailer and blushing bride in tow, I proceeded to the north end of town. I’ve never winched a car onto a landscape trailer before, but thought it had to be a good idea. With Kim behind the wheel and Gabriel overseeing with that Cheshire smile, I began winching. You might remember the engine is strapped into place by a strong 3/8” yellow rope. This might lend a hint as to the fact that the battery is disconnected thus rendering the all power interior useless. In a moment of near panic I shared with Kim the need for her to climb out of the car to which she exclaimed, “I’ve only been saying that since you started winching!” So, in response to my moment of brilliance, Kim climbed over the front seats and out of the rear door. About 20 minutes later I had the Taurus fully loaded on the 16’ trailer. It was at this moment I realized I might have done well to have measured the car prior to beginning the process. So, I did what any creative minded country boy would. I took the gate off and strapped it to the front of the trailer!

A few minutes later I delivered my treasure trove of parts to Chase’s Garage to begin the makeover process of my first love, the white Taurus. About the time I gave the final push to nudge my shiny emerald off the trailer and down the ramp, I remembered, “The transmission is in the trunk. . . there’s no one behind the wheel either!” So I proceeded to chase my love across the parking lot in the dark toward the on-coming traffic of Covil Avenue. To my excitement, she stopped rolling just about 20 feet before making the grandest exit of all time.

I pushed the car back to where she started, put the keys in the door pocket and drove away with my bride. We now have the start of a Ford dealership. Two Ex’s and Twin Tauri. If all goes well, you might catch a glimpse of my beauty in the near future. If so, remember the passion that has gone into her rebirth and the sacrifice of the one with the transmission in the trunk! One gave all that the other might live!

God does have a unique sense of humor doesn’t He? Take time to see the humor in life. You’ll live longer than stressing over the struggles!

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