Had a unique comment from a friend today. A band I’m affiliated with is set to lead worship tomorrow and I turned a few members of the group loose to choose songs for an acoustic set.

The comment that caught me totally off guard had to do with the fact that one song, (by a group which is not overtly Christian), is not “Christian”. Hmm. I smiled humbly and listened biting my tongue the whole time. There was such a debate begging to be held, but that was neither the time nor place.

So what is “Christian” music? How many hymns did we each grow up singing which found their melodic start in a bar? Sometimes a secular artist simply gets it right. There are times when an unhindered view allows a lyricist to capture the human dilemma. Too often our trite, Christian goggles keep us from seeing things the way they really are.

So what makes a song Christian? I say the heart of the artist delivering it to the audience. What is worship anyway, but an ongoing conversation between a fallen man and His loving God! I believe He’d rather hear the true heart inside than a facade I put up for those around me. Does this mean I lower my standards? Absolutely not. If the lyrical content is wholesome, fitting and relevant, I say go for it.

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