Less than a year ago, we were dreaming of what River of Leland might become when given wings to fly. The initial vision – a Church which is willing to get its hands dirty. A church of Action!

I’ve been reflecting on a few of the projects you guys have taken on in just a few short months and I’m both amazed and humbled. Your heart, passion, commitment and sheer love for people is so obvious! I thank God for the opportunity to serve with this new family every week! River of Leland , you truly model Joshua 1:9 – Courageous Living, Courageous Trust, Courageous Love!

River, since May you have traveled to Rhode Island to help flood victims, painted houses, replaced rotten soffit, re-roofed a home, blessed a local school with supplies, stocked a local food pantry, volunteered for Hospice, packed shoe boxes for kids in foreign lands and now three families will be blessed by your generosity this Thanksgiving! 

It’s an honor to serve with you! Thank you for living Courageously!

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