Well, we had an amazing night at River! It’s simply awesome to see God moving the way He is. It’s more amazing to know that He’s allowing us to be a part of it.

We had at least 10 Lelanders set foot into River of Leland
for the very first time! My heart almost leapt out of my
chest when I saw one young man! He’s the very guy
we’re doing this for!

Derek Raines, and Jp Fesperman led the band with
passion and class. It was amazing to relax, play keys
and truly worship. Thanks guys!

The set up crew has this thing down. We were sound
checking in 30 minutes. Load out took 20! Wheels
make all the difference in the world!

The sun was bright! Definitely have to address that
before May 23!

The new Kick Drum mic sounded amazing on that brand
new River Kit! Woohoo for Craig’s List. God – Please
richly bless that young Marine who’s over seas now!
He gave us an amazing deal!

The message was Broken – We talked about how broken
we are as a people. Isn’t it awesome that God chooses
to use us in and through our brokenness. Imagine that,
a group of broken people reaching out to help broken

I shared a few highlights of the storms God has
sustained me through. Kim and I have had our share
of heartache. Dad’s stroke and death, Mom’s recurring
illnesses, Kim’s three strokes, and holding both of our
children for the first and last time. Yup, I’ve been
pieced back together by the only One who could!

We’re ready to rock Leland with Jesus! See you at the
Leland Flea Market Next Saturday! We’ll be giving
away Barbecue, Clothes and we’ll even have bouncy
rides for the kiddos! See ya there.

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