Yup. It’s almost Christmas and I thought about spring all day yesterday. Isn’t that just the way we are? Always ready to move on to the next great thing. . . Now please don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. In fact, it’s my absolute most favorite season of all! But there’s just been so much going on with my family, I’m ready to move on. Let’s start a fresh year. How about it?

I snapped the picture above in Amelia Island, South Florida this past May. Absolutely gorgeous! I could live under those Palms. Sometimes dropping everything seems like the only thing you can do. I’ll bet we’ve all had those thoughts. But ya know what? There are those times when that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do! Gasp. . .

Why in the world would Kim and I drop everything, walk away from an amazing church family, and forego salary for an indefinite time in such a crazy and uncertain economy? Well, God said “go!” That’s one of the hardest things for us as Americans to grasp. Mark 1:18 and Matthew 4:20 tell us that James and John, Peter and Andrew dropped their careers, family and anything else to follow Jesus when he called. Well, that’s where Kim and I are right now. If you know us, you could imagine we are pretty tired of all the mess being thrown at us. Seems a certain adversary is just downright frustrated that we would dare trust something or someone we can’t even see! Problem for him is the fact that our “vision” is crystal clear! God has become so real in our lives that we understand Hebrews 11:1 better now than perhaps at any time in our lives to date – “…Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

We have faith that God will carry us through anything right now! Thing is, for us it’s more than mere faith. It is simply the way we live. Might be really hard to get your brain around unless you’ve been here too, but I can say with certainty that we have never been more confident of our direction.

Could we be crazy? Of course! I’ll be the first to admit it if we are. Is it possible that we’re doing the right thing? Let time be the judge.

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