Wow, what an amazing day! I don’t get many days to simply enjoy the weather any more, but today I had a chance to ride to Burgaw by myself. Couldn’t have been better. I took my time getting there with the windows down.

When I pulled into my destination, I realized it had literally been 20 years since I last pulled into that parking lot! When I was in High School and College, Dad and I drove countless truck loads of grain to Pender Grainery. Since then, I’ve never been back. Today, I had a chance to pick up a load of shingles which were stored in a warehouse on that property – now Rooks’ Farm Service. Standing by my trailer on the dirt lot, I watched the familiar trucks driving in out as they dumped loads of Corn. I listened to the familiar creek of the grain elevator as it augered grain high into the sky. I remembered the smell in the air, the look of the grain bins. I could almost see dad climbing from the old International Truck as I stood there soaking in the sights, sounds and smells. Those days of my life shaped me into the man I am today! I learned the importance of hard work. The necessity of being self motivated. I learned what I was made of by watching my father give everything he had and then digging deep to give more.

While in the grainery office, I noticed the price board. Amazingly, SoyBean futures were just under $12.00. I clearly remember the days when dad would dream with me of $6.00 days! We would quickly make our trips to Burgaw in hopes of making two more loads before prices dropped! I’ll never forget one grain bin of soybeans dad had hung onto all winter in hopes off higher spring prices. That grain paid for a shiny new red Ford F-100 – the first new vehicle in our family in many years! We put two engines and a transmission in that truck over the years to come. Nothing came easy, nothing came without a price.

On the way home I almost got lost in the moment! I had a conversation with Dad and God pretty much all the way home. Windows down, sun in the trees, fluffy clouds in the sky and no worries! I miss those days! I miss dad too. But, I thank God for amazing memories, a great family and my beautiful wife!

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