I presented an urgent need to River and friends on Monday of this week. By Tuesday night huge hearts had responded in style! We’ll still be collecting more goodies for the kids through Sunday of this week, but I couldn’t wait to share this update from a friend who’s in contact with the kids every day:

Hey Pastor JMac, please pass this along to the gang!
    The two school aged children were back at school today after being out sick yesterday.  I was in the community liaison’s office today when the
KG girl got her coat and shoes.  I had to choke back tears to see her excitement!  She loved the “fuzzy” lining and it even had a HOOD!  I put the shoes on her and she hopped all over the office and said, “I can jump in these!  My old shoes are hard and I can’t jump in them very good.”  I took her back to her classroom and she had to model her new coat and shoes (a hopping kind of modeling) and wanted everyone to see that she had a warm coat, shoes and gloves that even matched!  It was very difficult today for her to follow the “walking feet in the hallway” rule! She was VERY upset that we didn’t go outside for recess today.
   I wasn’t present when the  first grade brother was given his coat, shoes and gloves.  From what I understand he was more excited than his sister was!   He was thrilled with his shoes because he said he would be a ” fast runner”  like the other boys are.  I’m kind of glad that I wasn’t there when he got his coat, shoes and gloves because I probably wouldn’t  have been able to make it through the day.
  I can’t remember ever being emotional about a coat or shoes when I was a child.  It wasn’t really that big of a deal.  I needed a coat, I got a coat. I needed shoes, I got shoes.  I’m sure I probably had input when selecting them, but It wasn’t a particularly exciting shopping trip.  Getting things I needed were just not really a big deal. 
   I was humbled today. 

Wow. . . God is Pretty cool, Hu?!

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