Monday, January 9 is a day which will mark the beginning of an amazing journey. With so many things vying for our time and attention, it’s hard to imagine giving something up. But you know what, it’s necessary from time to time.

When we take time to truly put God first in our lives, to intentionally put him at the TOP of our to do list, he actually has a chance to speak to us. Most of our lives are crazy. We run from this to that, making plans for every moment of free time we might have. Our diets are crazy too! We do what ever it takes to get filler into our belly to fuel the rapid fire pace we live.

For 21 days, River of Leland will be focusing on God’s will for our lives. During these three short weeks, we hope to hear Him more clearly than we have to date. We’re praying for you that your life would be transformed. We are praying that marriages be restored. We trust that finances will be flipped right side up again. We pray most of all that God will make Himself known to you in a brand new way during these days.

So, have you made your choice? Do you know what level you’ll take this Fast? Will you be giving up Soda, coffee, caffeine, or something you really enjoy doing? How about something which you know chews up time you might other wise spend with family or with God?

As a lead team, we have committed to pursue God through continual prayer and the Daniel Fast – nothing radical, unless you consider dropping all things processed and all meats from the diet radical. 🙂 We invite you to join us in our quest, our pursuit of God during the month of January. Whatever level you choose to join us, we know that God looks at the heart. He wants to see hearts sincerely pursuing Him!

Are you ready to Thrive in 2012?

The River of Leland Fast:
Begins January 9 at 9 a.m.
Ends January 29 at 9 a.m.

Check out these links from River of to help you prepare if you choose to pursue the Daniel Fast with us.

Click to access Daniel_Fast_Handout.pdf


Click to access Preparation.pdf

Food List:

Click to access Food_List.pdf


Click to access Daniel_Fast_Recipes.pdf

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