Kim, Mom, Darious, Jianna and I had the amazing opportunity to share a traditional Chinese meal with our friends from Bdobo last night. Wow! Such an honor.

I first met the gent you see above with Kim about 7 years ago. We would hang out together at the restaurant several afternoons a week while I studied, ate and helped him “practice his English.” Today, we’re great friends. We have both experienced loss together. He has seen my family through three strokes, multiple illnesses and the loss of my dad. His family in China has experienced much loss and illness as well. It is so cool to see how God put this friendship together from nothing. Even sweeter to know he’s learning more and more about my Savior!

Such an honor to spend the evening with he and his family! I’m always amazed at the level of great food they bring out for these special dinners. Check out just a few pics from the meal. I was so taken back that I didn’t think to pull out the phone until after we had eaten!

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