I had an opportunity to hang out at the farm the other evening. I just sat in a Tree Stand watching deer. Now, I know some won’t like this, but yes, I had a rifle with me. Really an awesome experience. It was so relaxing to hang out and simply appreciate God’s creation. I used to love being on the farm as a kid. Felt like I was 20 again, only with a lot more water under the bridge.

I hadn’t been in the tree more than a few minutes when I counted ten Turkeys through the woods at the pond. They sauntered along without a care in the world. A bug here, bug there and they were happy campers. Grey Squirrels and Fox Squirrels chased each other through the woods, up trees and all around. A majestic Red Hawk landed in a tree right next to me, looked over at me and with a curious twist of his head glided to another. One of the neatest little critters, a tiny little lizard chose to sun right next to me in the stand. I have to admit, the sun felt pretty amazing on my face too.

About an hour into the evening, just before sunset, a pair of does stepped into the field about 200 yards in front of me. They looked my direction as if to acknowledge my presence and stepped into cover. As I waited patiently for about twenty minutes taking in this true to life Nature Channel, my mind drifted to the strawberries my Grandfather once grew in this field. Then the watermelon beds which dad and I planted for transplanting came into focus. One cold december night, dad and I wandered through the woods to find a sow giving birth in the snow. I’ll never forget the worms I dug around the creek just behind that stand. Kind of my dad’s secret stash! How about the first squirrel I ever shot? Dad carried me to this very spot with a single barrel 20 gauge shotgun. He was so pleased! Now, breaking the silence as if a dinner bell had sounded, a single fawn stepped across a small stream and into the clearing by the pond. Behind her, a steady stream of curiosity seekers. They meandered through the trees as they made their way to the pond. Just behind a mound of dirt, they disappeared. My attention shifted back to the tiny little green lizard to my right. He looked so peaceful and content! The sight reminded me of the fact that God attends to even these, the smallest of creatures. How much more should I be certain of the fact that He has my needs well taken care of.

Without a care in the world, two fawns broke into the grove and began frolicking around. A doe joined in the fun and then as if it never happened, all went back to foraging through the leaves. A loud “Crack” broke through the air, then silence for a several minutes. All of the deer I’d been watching seemed to disappear! Nothing for about five minutes and then, movement right in front of me. One after another eleven deer stepped into the field right in front of me. One curious doe seemed to be focussed on me. She positioned herself in such a way that she watched even as she grazed. The others seemed oblivious to my presence. For the next twenty minutes the group meandered around the field about 100 yards in front of me. As light faded, five made their way back into the woods and the other six wandered slowly toward the edge of the field where the first two appeared. My eyes could barely make out the scene without the light gathering scope on the rifle. Gradually they all faded from my sight. As I climbed down the stand and began my trek across the dry leaves gathered around the base, the herd expressed great disapproval of my presence and with a series of powerful snorts and huffs, they took flight.

Can’t tell you how much I needed that time alone! So relaxing and peaceful! God’s creation never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks God! I love this Life!

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