It is so cool to step back and take a look at God’s hand in your life! I’ve had an amazing week and it’s only Monday! When Kim and I answered the call to plant River of Leland last summer, we knew God would provide. He has in so many ways I can’t count!

May I give you a quick little glimpse? We have people gathering around the vision and direction in ways I couldn’t have imagined! There is support coming from the most amazing angles! When we first looked at Thunder Alley as a possible home for River, we were most concerned about our proximity to Crosswinds Church. It has been so much fun watching this relationship grow. We in no way wanted to hurt this amazing ministry which was less than a year old at the time. March 21st they came enforce to help us load in and out of the Alley for a Preview Worship Service. Yesterday we returned the favor and helped them load on and off the USS North Carolina for their One Year Anniversary Celebration. Such an awe inspiring thing to see two sister churches join arms as we strive to reach the community we have both been called to serve. To take that partnership deeper, Crosswinds blessed our socks off as they revealed a huge secret! They vowed to give away all of their Sunday offering committing to bless River, Hospice of the Lower Cape Fear and another church plant. How amazing is that? I simply can’t express how much those funds are needed right now! A specific prayer answered!

In the past week we’ve had 8 people step up their commitment to River and to Christ. Specific prayers answered! We’re about to put this ship in warp speed and people are ready to buckle in and get to work with us! Want to find your spot? Check us out at

Ps, Be on the Lookout in the next two weeks for a brand new Look for River.

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