It’s so cool now to see a vision we received just under a year ago coming to life! Just how does one Plant a Church? Where do you start? Who in their right mind does such a thing? Who will help? Will people think we’re crazy? Will anybody actually support us who isn’t going with us? Will there be any money to fund it? Will people actually come? Who’s the pastor? So many questions. My only answer from day one has been, “I know a lot about what not to do. We have plenty to learn!”

Some 10 months into the process, I think I have answers to some of those questions. One can’t possibly be in a “proper” state of mind to plant a church, yes people will think you’re crazy. No there aren’t that many people in established churches who truly want to partner with the “competition”. . . hey, aren’t we called to fulfill the Great Commission? A handful are amazing! We’ve not received a day’s worth of money for the work, but the reward is priceless!

Looks like we’ll be going to a weekly format in June. Guess we’ll find out then whether people will come, but some amazing folks have bought into the vision so far. The church has been blessed with some awesome opportunities and, while there is still so far to go, I look back and see how far we’ve come. I still have a ton of unanswered questions, but as I said before, I know a lot about what not to do. I can’t wait to get 10 years down the road with River of Leland. Not for the obvious, but to be able to see the art hidden in the work.

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