As I sit in an all too familiar hospital chair beside an all too familiar bed, I can’t help but think how familiar God’s power has become! We raced to the ER again today fearing that Kim was experiencing yet another stroke. Here I sit, beside her bed. Two MRI’s later we await word on what might be the cause. Ultimately, we know the root of the problem is taken care of. In fact, we had that settled in the car on the way to the hospital. One fleeting statement and a continuous state of prayer. . . God has it covered. No doubt.

So why are we here Again? Well, it seems we’ve committed to something an all too familiar enemy is scared to death of! You may have heard, but in late July, Kim and I surrendered to the call to plant a New Church in Leland. A week later, a good friend, Jp Fesperman and his bride Heather shared a desire to do the same. Just a few weeks later, we committed to partner with another friend, Travis Currin and his wife Amber in the project. That night, my father’s life was taken. Just a few days later, another friend – Joe Carr and his bride Arimar committed joined the team. The next day, the afternoon of dad’s home-going celebration, Kim was struck with a stroke. One week later, another! Mom has dealt with an unyielding wound for over 6 months now! We are staged to introduce this fledgling plant to the Leland Community this Sunday evening. I know without a doubt that God has some Awesome things in store for this growing body of Jesus Freaks! The old guy is just kicking and screaming! And, well, that’s about all the power he has!

So who wins? God does! Dad is eternally healed! Kim is a living, breathing, walking testament to God’s continual faithfulness, love, grace and healing power. Mom is healing! Want to know more about my family? Check back soon. Want to know about this new endeavor for the Lord? Read the info below.

My Vision for River of Leland:

What are we not? A church which talks about doing the work of God without giving feet to to that calling.

What we are? A church which actively seeks to Live for God in everyday life. A church which seeks to Serve God with all that we have. A church ready to charge the gates of Hell as we Broadcast Him from the mountain tops. Everything we do is to Bring Glory and Honor to Jesus.

How will we accomplish this? We want to help each believer unlock his or her specific giftings as given by the Holy Spirit. We believe the same power which raised people from the dead in Jesus’ time lives in each of us today. We believe that all power in Heaven and on Earth was given by the Father to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ when He died on the cross for every sin we would ever commit. We want to honor that sacrifice with our lives. It is our belief that the Holy Spirit resides in each believer and makes that same power available to each of us. For too long the church, the Bride of Christ, has neglected her duty to preach the full Gospel of Christ. In the pristine pages of the Bibles which rest on our book shelves lie the keys to true living. Living with out fear. Living without oppression. Living! The message of Salvation is the cornerstone of what we believe but, we believe there is so much more. John 14:12 captures the words of Jesus as he told his questioning friends, “…anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Jesus went on to tell Phillip and Thomas to ask in His name for anything and it would be done in order to bring glory to the Father.

To live, serve, broadcast . . . Jesus. This is what we are called to do. It is who we are. It is the driving force behind River of Leland. We are ready for the most incredible journey of our lives. How about you?

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